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Squads and Crew Selections Page 1999/2000

Men's Senior Squad

  • Tim Grossey    Alun Brown    Matt Cracknell     Phil Wortley   
  • Ben Collins      Stuart Terry    Norman Byrd      Tom Sheasby
  • Matt Bloomfield    Andy Clerc    Jay Ramsay    Rich Moody
  • Angus Alison    James Brincat


Women's Squad

  • Alex Hempsey    Chrissey Gilbert    Claire Twilley    Dee Prentice
  • Fred Higgins    Izzy Wragg    Liz Davies    Nicky Ranoe
  • Nienke Lubben    Rachel Gilbertson    Sally Holloway    Sue Jones

Winter Training:

Land Training includes two circuit sessions a week, one 1/2 hr ergo and one weights session (min. requirement!)

Water Training is five outings a week

Ergo testing could happen at any time!

Training and selection for Fours Head and HORR crews begins now.

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