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Pictures of ULBC Past and Present + Honorary Members Page

This page is devoted to all those past members of ULBC and to people we have adopted as Honorary members.

This list includes the names of : Annie Morgan, Mr and Mrs Ellis, Mr. Cracknell ( see below), and all the understanding parents of those in the Boat Club.


cracknell.JPG (29232 bytes)

Cracknell (Junior and Senior), Tanzania 1998



bananas.JPG (37767 bytes)

'Right I have had my bananas, lets race!' (Shrewsbury 1999)

girls_shrewsbury.JPG (45334 bytes)

Girls at Shrewsbury (1999)

headtohead.JPG (52506 bytes)

ULBC v ULBC Shrewsbury 1999

capt.jpg (26698 bytes)

The Captain (Stuart Terry) and Regatta Secretary (Steve Tait) 1998-99

four.jpg (36037 bytes)

Rowing at Evesham Regatta (1997)


lwt4.jpg (12680 bytes)

Success at Evesham = Getting wet! (1997): Phil Cooper, Tom Sheasby, Jaish Mahan ( in water) and Matt Hurles


york.jpg (222275 bytes)

Yorvik Festival 1996





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